Website Packages – Design Options

We offer website design packages to meet the needs of most small to medium-sized businesses. We begin with a standard website design, including a popular theme (client choice from well-known theme vendors), and client choice of custom options. Custom options include features/plugins added to the basic website structure to add additional functionality.
Website Design – standard website design + custom options available
Base website design with client choice of custom options. Based on a popular industry themes, installed and customized for your business. Standard pages include Home, About Us, Services, Contact Form, and Blog. Custom options are specified below.
Custom Options – determined by need of client/business
Custom options add functionality to your basic site, and can include plugins such as custom forms, e-commerce/shopping cart, event calendars, photo galleries, social networking forum, and RSS feeds.

Website Packages – Maintenance Options

If you think that you will be making regular changes to your website over time, you can save money by purchasing a website maintenance contract. Our packages are designed to keep your website current and secure so that you can grow your business!
System Maintenance – Site Updates
For clients whose website is virutally static (no content changes), or who would prefer to train onsite staff to perform content changes. This option is for businesses who need upgrades and patches applied to the core website system files (ie: WordPress and Plugins).
┬áContent Maintenance – Content Updates
For clients with weekly/monthly changes to site content. This includes text, layout and design changes to the site, including blog updates, news flashes, event scheduling, price and shopping cart updates, and any other changes to site information.