Your Web Designer

DeirdreMy name is Deirdre Kirmis and I am the web designer for Night Owl Resources. I work with a team of associates that I bring in for expertise in other services. If I can’t provide a solution for an aspect of your request, I know someone who can, and together we can provide all of the resources that you need to have a successful web presence! I graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Business Administration, concentrating on Data Processing and Analysis. I have a background in various areas of technology, including programming & development, network administration, technical support, and database administration. I began developing web pages over 20 years ago, working in the corporate world. I built custom websites for the various “client” projects within the company that I worked for, using basic HTML/CSS coding. Since then, I have discovered Content Management Systems such as WordPress, and believe that these offer so much more for businesses than simple HTML/CSS sites. CMS sites allow the user to have more control over the content and layout of the website, and makes it easy to make changes, upgrade options, and monitor security and analytics of your website. I am conscientious and responsible, and I believe in fair and ethical business practices. My goal is to provide you with outstanding service and web tools that will help your business to succeed and grow.